Our Experts

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Deborah Hills

Life Coach, London UK

Deborah Hills is the owner of IPSE, a personal development business based in South East London.

She prides herself in working with the whole person – their intelligent, physical, spiritual and emotional selves.

She has over 10 years experience of providing expert support and guidance using skills from the fields of Psychology, Counselling and Coaching.

Deborah is devoted to finding fun and creative ways to work with her clients, to inspire self insight and generate deeper, more meaningful and sustainable development.


Mark Wright

Metaphysicist, writer, coach

Mark D Wright has been involved in the consciousness movement for over 25 years, during which he has led courses on meditation, tarot and kabbalah. He climbed the Tree of Life only to find Nothing, which has nevertheless proven to be an incredibly useful understanding with direct practical application.

Mark spent several years working at a leadership college where he gained great experience in practical approaches to personal development, not least through being one of the college’s lead coaches.

He is currently a full time writer and researcher with a deep understanding of the themes being relayed in this publication. He has had numerous well received articles published in various journals and magazines and has talked widely at conferences, lectures and dining tables.


Nicky West

Yoga Teacher, Sydney

Nicky’s first training in yoga was over 20 years ago in the UK.

Since then, she has also trained in traditional hatha yoga in California, dynamic hatha and vinyasa yoga in Sydney & London, Yin/Meditation (Insight) training with Sarah Powers, restorative yoga and anatomy training with Judith Hanson Lasater and therapeutic yoga with Susi Hately.

She has taught yoga full time for the past 8 years and, after teaching yoga in Sydney (including at Samadhi Yoga from 2004-2007), moved back to the UK for a few years and taught with the top yoga agency in London (Breathe), as well as for some of the premier health clubs and yoga studios.

She is particularly experienced in teaching private and corporate clients from London and Europe, including; The West End, The City, Notting Hill and the Greek islands.

Her students have included a wide variety of people, including well-known personalities and business executives as well as recovering addicts, adults with disability, beginners and experienced yoga practitioners, pregnant ladies and mums & babies.

Nicky believes passionately in living in harmony with everything around her and is a blithe spirit at ease and in the flow who enjoys working with small or large groups in a wide variety of settings. She is particularly passionate about adapting the practice of yoga to the needs of the student and environment and guiding students towards a personalized home practice.

Her professional background, which ran in tandem with yoga in early years, is in the performing arts, both in acting and dance.


Oliver Muller

Healing Devices Expert, England

Oliver Muller is a healing devices expert, who was born in Germany and relocated to England in 1999. He became interested in and explored various alternative healing methods and spiritual paths as well as alternative media outlets. Through his research he became aware of what he decided was really important in the world and wanted to do something to bring about positive change and moved into the field of healing devices.

In 2010 Oliver became the UK representative for Radiant Life Technologies, the manufacturer of coherent multi-radiance therapy devices used for healing in a wide range of applications.

Oliver believes that the future belongs to the convergence of science and spirituality.

“True science forever questions what it knows with the same scepticism that many scientists reserve for so-called alternative practices. True spirituality at the same time has to be practical. We test it by applying it in our daily lives to see if it makes a real difference in practice.”