This glossary has been compiled in integrity, to bring you the most up to date definitions and explanations of and about esoteric subjects and language usage available at this time. Much of it comes from channelled sources. The inter-dimensional nature of most of the data transcends dictionary definitions and is intended to enhance your own journey in the ascension process.


Abraham. Apart from the Biblical man, Abraham in esoteric circles is an entity who channels through Esther Hicks. Books channelled by him/her are available and he/she can be heard on You Tube espousing various beliefs and words of wisdom. (see Channel and Channelling). We use Abraham quotes in our newsletters and are therefore also on the website.

Ascension. A term used by those aware of and ‘working at’ their own spiritual progress and gradual spiritual evolution. One is either in ascension or going through the ascension process.

Agnostic. Someone who does not believe there is anything to prove that God or a Divine Source exists.

Akashic records. These are interdimensional records of all our lives through all incarnations and are recorded in crystal form. Every miniscule detail. We are equipped to access information from these records in dreams and meditation. Masters walking the Earth can access them at will. Off planet entities encourage us to plumb these records for answers we already know and to employ skills and knowledge we already have but do not realise we do, in our current lives.

Alien. A being or life form that is not a native of planet Earth. Other names include extra terrestrial (ET) spaceman, off planet being, gray (which is a particular species), energies, off planet life forms, off planet entities.

Angel. A spiritual or celestial being or ‘energy’ who serves as a guide and protector. “Angels are interdimensional beings just like you, but who contain their entire ‘group’ in their awareness and comprehension. They have no duality and they have no biological expression”. (Kryon).

Apparition. A ghostly figure or form which suddenly and unexpectedly appears. Apparitions and ghosts are explained by off planet entities as imprints of particular individuals because of some profound incident that occurred when they lived, but this is not yet accepted by our scientists.

Arcane. Secret, mysterious or esoteric knowledge (see esoteric).

Archangels are angels who have the energy of many angels. They are not "higher" or "lower" despite the name. They are not "in charge" of anything either. They are instead filled with the energy of many of the pieces and parts of the other angel entities. This makes them seem like they are more important. They are not. Think of them as communicating stations or "hubs" of energy transference that are more easily accessible to the whole. They exist to help bring groups of energies together for those who can't think out of 4D. They also help in the organization of energy that is needed in the Universe. (a Kryon definition).

Arcturian. Being or life form from the star Arcturus, one of the brightest star systems in the sky and significant to the ancients. A book titled “We, The Arcturians” by Dr Norma Milanovich provides channelled information and much wisdom from the Arcturians.

Ascension. In esoteric terms the word ascension is applied to the gradual awakening process. The process by which one becomes more conscious of the greater meaning of existence and the interconnectedness of all things. It also means the gradual ascent to interdimensionality.

Astral Body. The astral body sometimes called the human spirit, is a subtle body that is the vehicle of the soul or consciousness. Often seen as being of an emotional nature and, as such is called the ‘desire body’ or ‘emotional body’ and therefore a ‘lower’ body form on the dimensional plane.

Astral plane. The astral plane, sometimes called the ‘world of desire’ is a non physical plane of existence according to esoteric philosophies, some religious teachings and New Age thought. This is the plane that holds all our base yearnings.

Astral travel/projection. A process where the astral body or human spirit travels outside the human body usually when asleep. Also called Out Of Body Experience, OBE or OOBE. Many practice the process and can astral travel at will.

Astrology is the measurement of magnetics at the time of human entry onto the Earth plane to determine the imprint attributes at the cellular level. It is the oldest science on the planet, driven by magnetics and gravity - for these are the things that shift the positions of the planets around the sun and give energy to a magnetic and gravitational system, which is then brought to you personally via the heliosphere of the sun [the gravitational fulcrum of the solar system]. This then overlaps with the magnetic grid of the earth, which then overlaps with the magnetic attributes of your DNA. So when you change even one of those attributes, suddenly the computations and components of the system of astrology also shift with it. (Kryon data).

Atheist. Someone who disbelieves and/or denies the existence of God or the Divine. Slightly different to an agnostic above.

Atlantis. Atlantis" is not just location, it is a race. It's a philosophy, and it's a consciousness. Here are the simple facts. Combine these into anything you wish to call it, but don't limit it to the mythology you now call Atlantis. There is evidence on earth of races over 10,000 years old. It exists as artifacts on this planet. Some of the ones which are closest to the surface are in Arkansas. This information doesn't target a location, since the earth changed since the original civilization was there. Instead it gives evidence…empirical evidence, that your current history is incomplete, and that you really don't have understanding of when Humanity began. Landmasses were connected, religions and races existed that you don't give credibility to, and science was developed far beyond what you might expect. World navigation was understood, and even the concept of your solar system was known. The artifacts that may be exposed will show this. Some have been found and are currently being sequestered. If this continues, nothing will come of these revelations. The sequestering is due to fear, and nothing else. (Kryon data)

Aura. An energy surrounding all living things but invisible to most. This energy is comprises many colours depending on the energy source and various conditions. The different colours have different meanings and can show the state of a persons health, personality and innate abilities.

Auric photography. Energy photography. This is taken with special photographic equipment and differs from day to day.

Ayahuasca. A plant – hugely connected with the Peruvian jungle - from which a concoction is made. Drinking it puts people into a profound spiritual state connecting them directly with Nature. Bashar says it involves a very specific branch of frequency of elemental consciousnesses and is for a very specific kind of tutelage.


Base 12 math. Sacred math and the one that produces all the answers. Take a look: Your rulers have 12 inches, and a yard is three feet. These reflect nature, which is all base-12. Crystallize a drop of water and it will have six points. Examine a snowflake and you will see base-6 and -12. Biologists know that DNA is groups of fours and threes, and western music has 12 half notes between octaves. Your compass has 360 degrees, and the oldest science on the planet features 12 houses, or groups of activity around the movement of the planets. Go back far enough and you'll discover that ancient civilizations (the Sumerians) used it, too. It's intuitive, but as we've said before, it's a lot harder to work with for those who count on their fingers and toes. [Smile] (Kryon data).

Bashar. A fifth dimensional ‘hybrid’ being (Earth and the Grays) or ET from another star system where his planet, Essassani is also third from their sun (Sha). Bashar channels prolifically and may be heard on You Tube.

Being. The state or quality of having existence, a living entity whether third dimension (all life forms living on Earth) or 4th 5th dimension and higher (most beings from other star systems and dimensions). All life forms are beings. A flea, a cockroach, a shark, an octopus, a moth, a mosquito ....

Bermuda Triangle. This area of the planet is a profound combination of anomalies in the earth’s magnetics, combined with attributes of interactions with the weather and water. There’s a process that has been seen, yet not understood. These are not ETs, and it’s not spiritual. Your science will eventually discover it, analyze it, and understand it. It’s about the earth. (Kryon data).


Chakra. An Indian word for the seven energy centres in the astral body. Healers (Reiki, EFT, kinesiology) work with these energy points or chakras. The seven chakras & colours are: Root chakra/red. Sacral chakra/red. Solar Plexus chakra/yellow. Heart chakra/green. Throat chakra/blue. Third eye/indigo. Crown chakra/white.

Channel. A Human being who is able to become a transmitter or medium for another life form or entity to speak through. Also known as mediums or psychics. Famous ones in history include Nostrodamus and Edgar Cayce. Today in 2012 there are many, here to prepare mankind for the 26,000 year precession of the equinoxes – the end of one era and the beginning of another – which will also last 26,000 years! Better known channellers today include Darryl Anka (Bashar), Lee Carroll (Kryon), Robert Shapiro (Joosh and many more), Barbara Marciniak (the Pleiadians), J Z Knight (Ramtha), Solara and many others.

Channelling. The process a medium undertakes to receive information from off planet entitities (see channel above).

Clairaudience. Clear hearing - a psychic ability which enables someone to hear voices or noises unheard by other people.

Clairsentience. Clear feeling - a psychic ability which enables someone feel the emotional energy of a spirit or living being.

Clairvoyance. Clear seeing - a psychic ability to see a objects, people or events not perceived by the five physical senses.

Computers. Described by off planet beings as follows: “The temporary aberration of computers is really a symbolic means by which you externalise your own minds. Your minds are more truly externalised through the dream world. “

Conscious. In enlightened terms, this is what people now call them themselves when they drop their former beliefs and realise that the Nature of existence is about benevolence, harmony, compassion and love and live their lives accordingly. “A conscious state” or “a realised state” are synonymous.

Crop circles. Crop circles are mysterious circles and/or geometrical patterns that appear on the earths terrain mostly in wheat, rape seed and barley fields in Wiltshire, England and are seen to be created by off planet entities who have been preparing the human race for the Great Shift , the end of the 26,000 precession of the equinoxes and the beginning of the next, marked by the date December 21, 2012. Channelled information decrees that they are messages intended to advance and open up the Human mind so that people can work out certain things for themselves and be thus mentally prepared for what otherwise might be seen as weird or shocking in future.

Crystalline Children. These children started to arrive in 1990-2010. They are recognisable by their smiling loving temperament and their main purpose is to teach Human Beings love and to help Humans recognise their inner and higher powers. They are more of a group consciousness and therefore can do more as a group.

Crystalline Grid. 2012 will be the end of the Crystalline Grid realignment of energies. It's the one that's also invisible like the other two. It's also living. It's the one that's influenced by the first two. This third one responds to dimensional shift. It has free choice. The third grid of the earth is Human consciousness. Instead of it shifting last, it shifts simultaneously with the other two...making the puzzle all that more intriguing. There are specific places on this planet where the Crystalline Grid is manifested physically in the form of a crystalline structure. These will always remain in the same physical place no matter what the magnetics do and no matter how the crystalline grid energy is altered. The Crystalline Grid won't be moved like the magnetic grid was, where you could actually measure a shift in physical location. Instead, the alteration is an energy attribute that will be an alteration of the crystalline structure. The structure itself remains where it is . . .and, dear ones, parts of the crystalline structures of this planet are in the most sacred places that you can imagine. And they'll remain sacred. (Kryon data).


Death. First, we cannot explain this process in detail. The reason? It’s beyond comprehension! The simple explanation is first, there is a profound reunion with an energy we will call “the higher part of you.” This meeting is grand and filled with joy. Next there is a journey to a place where “essence” is re-melded, and records are shifted. Then a return to the family, which is simply not a concept explainable within your 4D. Those close to you after death are far larger in essence and part of them are part of you for the rest of your life. One of the most profound things that all of you should understand and realise is that your family never leaves completely. This is extremely hard to explain to a linear creature! How is it that your “mother” can be part of you for the rest of your life, yet also be in line to reincarnate to another time or life? These are the seeming mysteries of interdimensionality that you cannot grasp any more than if I told you that YOU were still helping others from a “past life,” and that you regularly “feel” them too. (Kryon data).

Deja vu. The feeling that a current situation has been experienced before and is a clue as to another life that may have been experienced. See reincarnation.

Dimension. Esoterically speaking the dimensions in existence are infinite as is everything. We on Earth live in the third dimension and this is defined by physicality. A comparative example is the 5th dimension, only two up from us, but is free of physical boundaries. The whole concept of numerically progressive dimensions is only a concept. Once beyond the 4th dimension, which we are heading for now, we are beyond the concept of dimensionality. (Kryon data)

DMT. The natural chemical or ‘drug’ that most naturally resonates with your biology and your brain is dimethyltriptamine, DMT, and which is produced by your pineal gland. The highest quantity that allows you to experience other dimensions and communications with other beings in higher planes is produced between 3 and 4am.

Duality. Human Beings are in duality, meaning that we are dual natured. The physical material side (which includes the human ‘dark side’, negativity) which dominates, and a spiritual side. Both are forever in conflict.


Earthbound spirit. A spirit belonging to someone who has passed over which has not yet been able, for various reasons, continue its journey into other realms.

Ectoplasm. An ethereal substance that cannot be seen with the naked eye but has been caught on camera and looks like goo.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Audible voices recorded on cassette, or digital recording media., that were not heard or present at the time of recording.

EMF Meter/Detector. An instrument which measures electromagnetic energy.

Empath. Someone who can sense the emotions of other sentient life forms .

Esassani. A race of fifth dimensional beings. Bashar is one (see Bashar).

Esoteric. Any information that tends to come from ancient, metaphysical or arcane sources and is known only to a select few, usually initiates of some kind. Astrology, theosophy and The Mystery School teachings are classified as esoteric information.

ESP (Extra sensory perception). Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses. However, as we evolve, we can now drop the “extra” since this prefix only applied when this really was the case. From 2012 much of the human race is now enabled with sensory perception which will increase with time, meaning that it will no longer be an “extra” sensory but merely a normal sense.

Etheric body. One of the subtle (non physical) bodies of which there are seven in esoteric philosophies. It is seen as the blueprint of the physical body and therefore sustains it.

Extra terrestrial (ET). A life form, that does not come from planet Earth.


Fairies. They do exist but maybe not as Tinkerbelle in Peter Pan. Fairies are directly related to workers of the earth. The "devas" of the gardens were seen as fairies, and so were other Earth-related helpers. They are also part of sea lore. So in the context of "Tinkerbelle," the answer is no. [Smile] In the context of interdimensional creatures that are the helpers of Gaia, yes. (Kryon data). They are divine expressions of love, can move between dimensions and are closely connected to nature spirits.

Foo fighter. Strange balls of light seen in the sky by pilots during the WW2, over Europe and the Pacific and whence the rap group got its name.

Fully realised. Any human who is in a full awakened and evolved state. Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), Krishna, Lao Tsu were fully realised beings.


Galactic Alignment. A 36-year window caused by Earth’s irregular rotation around its axis due to which the Earth and the Sun will be in the same plane with the galactic equator. The precession of Earth’s own axis is responsible for it getting into this position. We’re in this very slow process for 17 years. Therefore, the date everybody feared and spoke of (December 21, 2012), was nothing but this 36-year long event’s half time. After this date we remain in this transition phase for another 18 years. These events represent the Big Change and we are currently transitioning it. Also see Great Shift. (Kryon data).

Ghost. The spirit of a deceased person or animal. It is often said that a 'ghost' is an earthbound spirit (see Earthbound spirit).

Global warming. You are seeing geology speed up. In 1989 we brought you information about the potential of earth changes, specifically about weather. Now you are actually witnessing this event. ALL of it is in response to Human consciousness, but you see it as products of physical weather patterns, global warming, etc. Indeed, it seems that way, but can you tell me why the warming? It isn't what you think. The oceans are warming and that is caused by the earth's vibration increasing. Eventually you will see this when you discover all the new vents. It's very earth related, and not atmosphere related. Remember, your consciousness started all this. Your consciousness can also stabilize it. When it does, the scientists will have still another puzzle: Why did it stop? (Kryon data).

Great Shift. The Great Shift began in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence. The first part of that shift ended in 1999. It's important that you understand that this first portion of the shift included the galactic alignment. For the true galactic alignment energy began in the first phase of the shift not in 2012 as everyone believed. This is not esoteric information, but something that your astronomers will verified with their telescopes and computers. The ancients did their best, and a good estimate it was. But the 2012 date for the galactic alignment was incorrect. You are headed for an eventual magnetic neutral point, and a potential north-south polarity swap. Biology navigates for survival, and it depends on magnetics for this. Mammals on land and in the ocean, birds, amphibians, and even insects all depend on earth magnetics for their direction sensing abilities. So visualize these shifts as being slow, and the generations of animals on earth will adjust just as they have before. Along with the Galactic Alignment and end of the Precession of the Equinoxes, 2012 was a huge marker year which included all the changes (see Galactic Alignment) and the Great Shift was a general term denoting higher vibrational energy which for the first time in the history of man, is slightly more positive than negative. (Kryon data)


Harmonic Convergence. Every 25 years up until 2012 which ended the final Harmonic Convergence measured in 1987, the Human Race was asked (by entities watching over us) whether we were ready to continue to the next level (see Ascension) or whether Armageddon was to take place. The response was an overwhelming ‘Yes’. The Higher Self or the God piece of all Humans was asked this question. A cosmic referendum or poll. And thanks to ourselves it is why we are here intact today. Also see the Great Shift above.

Heaven. A mythological place dreamed up by third dimensional Human Beings,as the wondrous place we all head off to when we die, that is, if we’re good! The reality is that we do not go to a “place”. Our natural state is Home which is a state of interdimensional energy and it is timeless. (See Death)

Higher Self. There are many names for this, spirit being one. When we pray (to God) it is the Higher Self (the piece of God within us), which picks up and does all the work so to speak. The Higher Self conceives whatever it is you are seeking and delivers to the physical brain which receives the information and passes to the physical brain to action. So the Higher Self conseives. The Physical Mind receives. The Physical Brain perceives.


Indigo Children. They have been coming to Earth for decades but almost all children born post millennium are indigos so-called because they have indigo coloured auras seers can identify. Indigos have enabled DNA systems which others don’t. They are born with clear knowledge of who they are and what is truth and cannot be fooled by the myths and nonsense that others were brainwashed by from birth.

Interdimensional. Since nothing remains static, it stands to reason that the human race is vibrating at an increasingly higher rate all the time. From three dimensions we now stand at around 3.51, a little over halfway in our journey to the next dimension, which is the fourth. Many people can already access other dimensions. The Masters and Avatars walking the Earth, do so effortlessly and this is interdimensionality.

Intuition. The act or faculty of knowing or sensing something without the use of normal senses (e.g. sight, taste, feeling, smell, or hearing). It is our natural protection, never wrong and the more we listen to it the more it serves us.


Karma. The effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining their destiny. In this era of higher vibration, karma can be instantly voided.

Kinesiology. One of the many energy healing systems available today. Kinesiology is based on muscle testing i.e. it allows the body to speak for itself and was one of the first “woo woo” systems to be used, recognised and accepted.

Kryon. He introduces himself as “Kryon of magnetic service”, channels prolifically and has been around since 1987 “working” on the magnetic grid (see Magnetic Grid). “You might notice that I never give answers that reveal secrets you must reveal for yourselves. I'm a guide, and I do no more than what has been allowed from the beginning... give information that points you to find the next answer. This is no different from any angelic entity that you've studied. We all have the same rule book for humanity. The only thing that has changed is that my messages were able to be brought into a more prominent place within the acceleration of the energy on the planet. This was your doing, and you might say that the 11:11 in 1987 was the turning point. This opened a door that allowed even further "pointers" to more advanced learning. It's like I'm helping to write a new chapter in your divinity, pressing you forward to find out more about areas that were always there, but that are now more important than ever. Remember what I told you some time ago? "When the light is turned on, it often reveals things that you may then see and act upon. This doesn't mean that they didn't exist before the light was turned on."


Lee Carroll. The man who channels Kryon. He was an electrical engineer when he became aware of Kryon but it took four years before he believed in what Kryon was saying enough to start taking the information and entity, seriously.

Lemuria. The mountain tops of what was once Lemuria, are now the islands of Hawaii. A melting ice age flooded the land about 50,000 years ago so people – the original species of modern man – migrated to other lands – primarily New Zealand in the South and as far North West or East, as Norway.

Lemurians. Human inhabitants of Lemuria who had DNA layers allowing them to understand a quantum state, so they had a lot of practice with the wisdom of the "how tos" regarding it all. The reason they did was so they could put themselves in a time capsule of vibratory change. If this earth ever made it past the challenge of the Armageddon (which it did) and moved into the promise of 2012 (which you are doing), that time capsule would open up and spill its wisdom upon this planet. Lemurians lived in ancient, ancient times, about 50,000 years ago and had high technology [quantum consciousness] in their cellular structure. They were in a quantum state with the elements of the planet. Is this so far fetched? What is it you know about your own indigenous? Lemurians knew about the planets, about biology, about DNA, about magnetics. Now they are stepping forward as helpers to those of you who also wish to start this interdimensional journey. It’s part of the system. Maoris are direct Lemurians but most people have Lemurian connections either directly or indirectly. (Kryon data).

Levitation. The rising of a person or object, defying gravity.

Ley lines. Ley lines are thought to be invisible lines of the earths energy which "align" sacred sites such as churches and burial grounds. The area on which a ley line crosses is said to be a powerful point and is said to cause paranormal activity, psychic phenomena and UFO sightings. Places like Mt Shasta, Sedona, Glastonbury, Avebury, Easter Island are on ley lines.

Life after death. See Death.

Love. It's hiding in your duality, and it is the basic nature of all of you. This may seem hard to believe as you view the various ones around you, especially those who seem to have only hardness and who don't seem to feel any compassion. The reality is that this is what they created. Every Human has free choice. (Kryon information).


Magnetic Grid. That which basically gives us true north. The Kryon team arrived to make the esoteric change in the grid to build a matrix for a change in your DNA. This is, indeed, what happened, for the grid's magnetic field moved greatly in that time, and it has intersected with the magnetic field of your DNA elements. This overlap has transmitted information and energy and a new quantumisation to your DNA, which has always been quantumly prepared for this. At an esoteric level, this shifted (the Great Shift) and locked into place in December 2001 and means that energy and ley lines also shifted. Certain areas and countries are now more enhanced and others are not the major energy spots they were. Glastonbury has been enhanced and not Stonehenge. Mt Shasta in California has been enhanced and not Sedona. Countries more enhanced are New Zealand and Bali.

Materialisation. Something that appears from nothing. Usually applied to a ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’ appearing. Many Humans have been able to manifest things. Most famously the Master Sai Baba who manifested flowers and sweets as a child and continued to manifest many items, primarily jewellery, until he died in April 2011 aged 84.

Meditation. Meditation is the process of relaxing, emptying your mind of all thought or reaching a different state of consciousness. Meditation can aid in spiritual development and/or inner peace. There are many types of meditation.

Medium. A person who can communicate with deceased persons or other entities in spirit, a go-between to or intermediator of the spirit world.

Metaphysics. The study of phenomena not accounted for by known physical laws.

Muhammad. The prophet Muhammad unified the Arab nations. When he spoke of Martyrdom, it was wisdom offered in the context of consciousness of those who would sacrifice their lives on the battlefield of God… a battlefield where warriors fought for unity and for the God of the Abraham! Paradise was never promised to one who would willingly terminate themselves by their own hand. This latter concept came from men, not God. (a Kryon explanation).


Occult. Another word for metaphysics, or the paranormal, or spirituality. It is not used so much today (2012) as it tended to have a darker negative connotation whereas we are now moving more into the light and the positive.

One hundred and 44 thousand. “The term has been used because Creator wanted you to have within your grasp the means to extrapolate certain levels of intellectual magic and numbers have the capacity to form the foundation of symbolic language and connect you to each other. Creator wanted you to have intellectual universal language and apply individual traits to numbers. The original creation of personality would be similar to an exponential increase but on a larger level – one becomes two, two becomes four etc.” (Zoosh data, The Explorer Race). 144,000 also ties in to base-12 math (see Base 12 math).

The number 144,000 is a metaphor for energy of spiritual ascension. It is 12 times 12,000. This, of all things, should give you the answer. Our discussions of the twelves is legendary and will not be repeated here. You will see this number in many places. It isn't a literal number of Humans or entities, or days, etc. It is instead a "pointer" to you of what certain energies are on the planet, and the sacredness of them. It is especially pertinent to the new Crystalline Grid energies, and what is taking place in this new energy.” (Kryon data)

Orb. An orb is a sphere of energy which is thought by some to be created by spirits. Another theory is that orbs are phenomenon created by natural & man made electrical energy and are not related to spirits of the dead. Most orbs tend to be picked up on film or digital media however they in some instances also seen by the human eye

Ouija board. A board made up of letters & numbers which is used to communicate with the spirit world. The name "Ouija" is made up of the words ‘oui’ which is "Yes" in French, and ‘ja’ which is "Yes" in German.


Paranormal. Literally means above or beyond (the Latin para) anything normal and/or physical. Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation. Metaphysical and occult are synonyms.

Pleiadians. Beings from the star system Pleiades or Seven Sisters in the Taurus constellation. The Pleiadians are prolific channellers and may be read about in books by Barbara Marciniak. Kryon: “They were needed to alter your DNA, which was done fairly recently (100,000 years ago). You were at that point where you were beginning to develop many kinds of humans, just as most of the mammals of Earth have done.” They stopped development of all branches of human except the current one and altered the genetic code of this core race creating a Divine imprint (our spiritual side, creating our dual natures) since they carried that and the human of the time did not.

Poltergeist. A German word that literally translates as "noisy and troublesome ghost". Often perceived as children

Precognition. Knowledge of an event before it happens. Channelled information. Some people are more inter-dimensionally able than others.

Premonition. Forewarning of a future event. Same as precognition.

Psychic. Someone who channels information or who has the ability to see, hear and feel interdimensionally . Most psychics can only access the greatest potential at the time of the experience however and potentials can and do change. See Medium and Clairvoyant.

Psychometry. The ability to sense information in an object, or in the surrounding environment . A good psychometrist can hold an object and tell the owner of the object much about themselves and their potential future.


Reality. Reality is a personal perception. Within physical reality each individual has their own personal reality. What one person perceives is not the same as the next person.

Reincarnation. The rebirth of a soul into a new body. Most people on earth live hundreds of different lives (called fragments) spanning centuries and sometimes millennia in the third dimension. In reality once we reach the fifth dimension, all lives and things are perceived at once. Rather like observing Earth from Outer Space. We can see the whole and not just the bits in our vision while standing somewhere.


Sacred Geometry. One of the most powerful ancient energy technologies on the planet. The movement of energy indeed has sacred geometry at its core. However, that’s only the shell of what’s really there. Think of the shapes as containers for the energy, and the vessels of their potential. They structure something that has no structure. You won’t like this answer, since I won’t give you a shape, and I can’t fully describe the beautiful truths that are actually here. Energy is like that. It doesn’t come with much shape, but certain shapes "point" to the core of it. This is very difficult to explain. Think of someone finding sunlight, and thinking it’s the end of the line, not realizing that there’s a sun somewhere making it. Shapes and designs play a tremendous part in your sacredness, but they’re only the shadows of what’s inside them. As you use them, however, you actually emulate the core of the DNA, the medullas, and the relationships of 12 (lots of 4’s and 3’s). There are generic shapes that are known to have energy, but the "magic" is in interdimensional aspects, and these have to be transparent in your mind and intersect in complex ways that move through each other and violate 4D lines. These things simply cannot be drawn, or given from me to you. I know you wish to construct shapes that will do things and create energy, but there’s a limit to what you can do within 4D, and you have basically reached it. The next step has to be what your mind can be taught to visualize, and that can never be recorded, drawn, or conveyed to another. However, it can be sent! (Kryon data)

SARS. SARS is no different than AIDS in that it will be found to have arisen from roots that have to do with the destruction of your natural resources. Although it may seem obscure now, some day this fact will be shown, and SARS will be traced from those areas where forests are being wiped out. Unless Humanity wants to experience new diseases that they will have to fight with increased difficulty and great Human sacrifice, they must understand that there is a balance going on in the forests of earth that must remain untouched. These areas have been balanced systems long before Humans came here, and they won't be harmful if they are left alone. If, however, you invade these sanctuaries of ecology, viruses that have remained in balance for eons, will now discover Humans.Can it be cured. Yes. And so can AIDS. But even after these are cured, each virus will be a surprise, and research will start all over for each of them. Instead, why not honor the forests and let them be!

Sensitive. A person who has psychic abilities. (See psychic)

Shadow people. Spirits or ghosts with a dark appearance and no discernible features.

Simulacra. Human forms or likeness seen in natural formations (such as furniture, light, trees, stones etc)

Sixth sense. A power of perception independent of the five senses (touch, smell, sight, feeling, taste), otherwise known as “gut feeling” , instinct or intuition.

Spirit guide. A spiritual being who is assigned to a particular person to assist them on their life journey. Each person can have more than one spirit guide. These guides can be highly evolved spirits of people who have lived before.

Spirit. The soul, essence or energy of a living or deceased person, animal or being.

Supernatural. Anything that is outside 3D (third dimension) which is the dimension we as human beings inhabit. The word “super” is fast becoming redundant however for, as we evolve, words such as ‘super’ no longer apply since what it applies to has become “natural” to us and not “supernatural”.


Telepathy. Communication between people using ESP (extra sensory perception).

Teleportation. Movement of people or objects from one place to another by supernatural means.

Time line. Facebook hijacked this word and slightly misused it. However, we are all living on different timelines which explains why some people seem very different to you. We can also jump from one timeline to another or several.

Twelve thousand people (12,000). Matter responds to Human consciousness, and the quicker you try experiments involving more than12,000 people, the faster you’ll understand a brand-new power that you have. The reason this is dangerous before its time, however, is that mass fear consciousness often brings about disorder and unbalance . . . and the matter within the earth will cooperate with that, equally too. (Kryon data).


UFO. A UFO is an unidentified object or objects seen in the sky above Earth. UFOs are usually thought to be transportation devices used by aliens to travel throughout space and time. UFOs have been reported in many different shapes and forms and have been seen for centuries.


Vertical dreaming. Dreams where everything happens at once and are total connection to everything that is.

Vertical thought. The instinctive function and that which is applied when analysing vertical dreams. It is likely that psychology is the field of study that will begin to apply vertical dreaming and vertical thought. It is not likely that schools of philosophy will do this, but psychology’s future is inevitably tied to vertical thought and dreams. To date psychology has been rooted to looking behind but vertical thought will allow tremendous understanding of the present and how choice is in the present and not the past. (Zoosh, The Explorer Race).


Whales and dolphins. They're the living portions of an actual grid-system! They contain the "history of Earth" within their beings, and they're sacred for that reason. They coordinate and cooperate with the crystalline grid of your planet, which is currently being rewritten (see Kryon channelling on the Website: "What's Next?" December 8, 2002). Doesn't it strike you odd that these mammals are the only ones protected against hunting by more than 90 percent of the countries of Earth... even the places without oceans? Do you think that this is an accident or a coincidence? No. It's cellular information for all humanity to protect the whales and keep them safe. Dolphins are their cousins and support group, and they play a role in the whales' development. This is why you're so attracted to them. Whales do not commit mass suicide. They have no consciousness to allow for this, and it has never happened. Instead, you see whales often beaching themselves and then being saved by Humans, only to re-beach themselves and die. This takes place mostly on the coastlines of your continents, and often on those areas of topography that "stick out," such as a peninsula or isthmus. The reason is that whales, dolphins, amphibians, birds, and even insects all navigate to their breeding ground or migration areas each year via the magnetic grid of the planet! Each group follows the ley lines of magnetic influence, almost as if they had a built-in compass. In fact, they actually do! The magnetic grid of this planet has changed so much, so quickly, as we told you it would in 1989, that there hasn't been time for the pods of whales to adjust with time to these changes. Instead, many simply follow the old magnetic lines of migration, only to find themselves on a beach instead of the open ocean, as the old magnetic direction used to take them. They're confused, and they simply line up and try again, just as they have for years. These things are temporary, and as tragic as you might see them, it's all part of "pruning" the system, and the calves will go around in the future, establishing new instinctive information for the new whales regarding the grid changes. This information has even now been validated this year by your scientists. (Kryon data)


X-ray machines. Consistent exposure to any kind of X-ray device is dangerous. If short and infrequent, the body has an incredible memory for balance, and will come back to its natural state of magnetic balance when you remove yourself from the field. It’s only those who remain in these fields day after day who are truly in a state of danger. When a body is continually deprived of its balancing tools, it goes into dis-ease, which is a prime ingredient for early death.


Zero is not a “number,” but an energy representing the potential of “now.” It has within it the potential solution to any problem it’s involved in. When you use base-twelve math and include the zero, it represents an entire potential mathematical process, not a placeholder. This isn’t understood yet, but when you finally see it work, there’ll be a giant revelation, opening up solutions to many difficult mathematical issues, including the very easy solutions to prime numbers.

Zeta Reticuli. A star system in the southern skies located about 39 light years from Earth.

Zetas. What beings from the star system Zeta Reticuli are called. They are scientifically mathematically based and the root people of India are from there.