We are a metaphysicists whose day jobs range from journalists to yoga teachers and who, after decades of study, realise that the knowledge we have acquired is too precious to keep to ourselves.

But what to do with this arcane information that has taken us so long to learn and understand?

We didn’t want to join the lecture circuit or set up courses. We didn’t want to set up a group or acquire a following. All we wanted to do was get the information out there in a way that wasn’t preaching. We wanted to tell people how amazing and powerful they were. We wanted to raise awareness, confidence and consciousness. We wanted to teach self mastery and self empowerment. Teach what love and compassion really mean.

Without preaching.

It is life changing knowledge. Miracles begin to happen. What you wish for comes. Your thoughts manifest almost immediately. Life long illnesses disappear.

Throughout history, Masters and prophets have walked the Earth and tried to teach us the same stuff. We at TheGeniusofYou are ordinary Joe Blows from down the road. But we are driven to do this. It’s a duty. We would be shirking our responsibilities if we didn’t.

So, we have set up this website and accompanying newsletters to fill a void in the human psyche. And to answer the big questions. Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? And the heavy questions confronting us right now. Why is our planet in such seeming chaos?

And answers to why “so many human beings walk the earth wondering why they’re confused, why they are always in drama, why they cry, why they have no friends and why they feel so alone” (from Kryon, August 13, 2011).

This knowledge has always been available, but it is one of the most difficult to take aboard and accept because for centuries we have been conditioned to live our lives within limiting disempowering and negative belief systems.

The focus must be on the positive, not the negative and there really is no such thing as “can’t”.

We are here to share with you everything you need to lift you clear (of the base levels of consciousness) so that you live happier, more harmonious and fulfilled lives. We are committed to sharing lifetimes of learning, freely, with honour, with humour, with humility, in harmony, in love and in light.

About Robin

Robin Duff

Founder and publisher Robin Duff‘s own journey to self discovery includes childhood experiences from her own traditional and mystical Maori background. Her amazing and checkered journey is outlined in the 4500 word essay she has writtenas an e-essay, and may be downloaded here from the OFFERS page.

Robin’s international career background is in print media ranging from newspaper reporting to establishing her own celebrity, arts and entertainment press agency in London. Robin has lived in London most of her adult life.