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We all think we know what compassion means, but as we evolve, we are also awakening to the fact that words now take on greater meaning than they did in the old energy – that is the energy that prevailed pre December 21, 2012. We need to raise our game now and become the truly compassionate beings we were designed to be but it might be something of a bitter pill to swallow for most.

As disease runs increasingly more rampant, as more of the planet is plundered for its resources, as more forests are decimated, as more of Earth’s creatures become extinct, how do we even begin to stem the tide of self destruction that we as humans seem hell bent on ensuring?

Most people cannot grasp fundamental truths about the true and higher nature of existence, preferring to grovel around in despair believing in negativity and what they perceive as the hopeless state of the world. Why we ask, is this? Why is the genius of the human being we so clearly see, not being deployed? In this issue, we look at various time lines and perspectives beyond our three dimensional selves with a view to opening our inter-dimensional eyes and minds

Science and spirituality were once an anathema to each other - at least to the people involved in both disciplines - and to a large degree still are. In these increasingly enlightened times, however, one or two major organisations have set up to look into the possibility of forging links between the two factions.

These days and in these crucial times, we need to look beyond our standard 3D for solutions to planetary problems, yet, our world leaders are slow on the uptake. They resist out of the box ideas and plug away at outmoded methodologies. TheGeniusofYou casts a far seeing but hopeful eye on the energy crisis.

This week’s topic and a very serious one, is about how we receive, ingest and regurgitate the vast overload of information coming at us every single second of the day. We’re not doing so well as it happens. So we’ve included some off planet advice on what’s going on and how we can pick ourselves up off the ground to reach a little higher.