Hi Everyone,

Friends in particular, ask how I come up with subjects for each issue of the newsletters we publish. In the beginning, as with all publications, I had to plan and set up several issues ahead of time. Somewhere along the line though, I realised that if I was talking to people about self empowerment, thinking outside the box, expanding the mind and working with the Universe - as in handing over the decision making to the Universe rather than beating my own brains out trying to resolve things - I needed to be doing exactly that myself and, interestingly, it seems that once I thought of it, everything kicked in, text book style, of ‘its own accord’.

I now do not try to think of anything ahead of time for the newsletters. Sometimes, as with this issue, I can sit down at my computer without any clear idea at all and if I start typing... words will appear seemingly by themselves. And that’s how mind control became the subject this week. No way I would have considered a topic like this myself; mind control is a massive, overwhelming subject just to think about and this of course is where the trust lies. We’ve got to trust whatever it is we individually care to call this awesome power that is available to us. It’s there. All we have to do is call on it and know that it works! This is not miraculous stuff guys, this is how we are meant to live!

I’ve run the following information a few times within articles, but here it is again. The Higher Self (the energy that is available, the Universe, the Creator etc) CONCEIVES the solution. The physical mind RECEIVES the information for the solution. The physical brain PERCEIVES the solution and applies it. It doesn’t matter if you mix these up, forget the order or how it works. It’s good enough to know that if there is something you need to resolve, you can simply hand it over to the universal energy that is a lot more powerful than your own limited physical faculties. It’s the same as asking someone you know to sort something out but a billion times more effective with less effort and fewer words.

If you are still not clear on what this means or entails, email me. robin@thegeniusofyou.com and I’ll clarify it for you. Working in tandem with the power of the energy all around is crucial at this time. The best analogy I can come up with right now is if you were wandering around in the dark crashing into everything, not realising there was a light and a light switch in the room or maybe realising it, but not being able to find it.

This kind of knowledge is what The Genius of You is all about and in a few months everything – website, Facebook page and various other initiatives - will by synced up so that the work we are doing will have greater reach and perhaps, greater meaning.

For now, those in the UK wrap yourself around and in this stunningly magical Autumn weather; it’s the stuff romantic poets dreamed and wrote about.

I have spread my dreams under your feet
Tread softly for you tread on my dreams” - W.B. Yeats

In love with everything



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